i will work with you to help you access you authentic voice.  i use body-based methods that combine breathwork, meditation, movement, vocal work and improvisation to get inside the mechanism of your voice.  whether you love to sing and just want to try more things, or if you are afraid to sing, you think you can’t sing, or you’re only comfortable singing in certain specific ways, i will help you find more possibility, more potential, more options, more support for you to express yourself authentically.

i have been teaching people to sing for over ten years, specifically in queer and underground artistic communities.  i am a singer, accordion player and songwriter, a writer of fiction, memoir, poetry and theater, a director and organizer, an activist and  healer, and i bring all of this into the room when we sing together. in the container that we create together, you will have the opportunity to look at yourself in new and loving ways.

here are things i have worked on with people:

-pitch, ability to find and match notes

-range, ability to sing higher and lower, understanding how they fit together

-breath support, grounding

-flexibility, ability to improvise


-challenging internalized voice and body shame (including ableism, sexism, fat-phobia, etc.)

-ability to use your voice without crying or choking up

-channeling creative vision, digging deep into what you have to share with the world

-challenging yourself to sing difficult songs and find your own voice within them

i offer one-hour private lessons from my bedroom in the mission.  i ask for new students to commit to at least three lessons, either every week or every other week.  i also teach Singing as Social Justice workshops and occasional ongoing classes. i have been known to offer private intensives, consultations, creative coaching and intuitive healing.







A New Road Home

self-recorded, self-released 2011

Nobody Knows What We’ve Been Through
new songwriting experiments
self recorded self-released

Solo Songs
accordion & piano with vocals

collaboration with Marcus Rogers and Erin Daly

solo album
Yoyo Recordings

The Transfused
rock opera soundtrack
Yoyo Recordings

solo album
Talent Show Records

“Barracuda” cover
Kill Rock Stars, singles series

The Foolers
cassette tape
Red Alert Works

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