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israel you break my heartphoto by julie thi underhill, circa 2009…

over 500 palestinians dead in the lastest attack on gaza.  children.  babies.  hospitals.  heart broken.  no more.  no more no more no more!!!  i don’t want my government supporting genocide.  i don’t want my people killing indescriminately out of fear.  israel, you break my heart.

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I’m dusting off the backing tracks of EFFIGY to sing a few songs at this FREE Krip Hop show on Wednesday July 9 at 6 pm at the SF Public Library Main Branch.  Honoring the legacy of Blink Joe Capers.  Hosted by the one and only Leroy Moore.

krip hop poster

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515 Clues…

bird girl

bird girl


sending off the manuscript of ’515 Clues’ to get bound by Magickally Made in time for the Kabbalistic Collabaret on June 8!   thank you to everyone who has read it over, given their support and insight and expertise to help me birth this project.  xoxox

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515 Clues: A Kabbalistic Collabaret

A fairy tale for grown-ups, 515 Clues explores moments of trauma and transformation that spiral us into each other’s worlds.  Mythic birds on the edge of the water harken back to ancestral survival stories.  Children in a hospital grow wings to protect each other and spread messages of healing.  Queer youth write letters of advice to a teenage runaway.  Where does your magic come from?

there’s so much going on with my book, as well the performance based on the book that i’ll be producing on June 8 as part of the National Queer Arts Festival.  i received a SFAC Cultural Equity Grant that is helping me complete my manuscript by May 1.  i’m having  a hand-made leather-bound prototype created specially for the performance by Magickally Made.  i’m working with jen cross of Writing Ourselves Whole  in her ongoing Dive Deep program.  I’ll be teaching a series of workshops to youth at Our Space in Hayward, to generate letters of advice to Gladys, a character from my book.  I’ve been taking Yiddish lessons from Anna Elena Torres, and doing some research into the Shriners’ hospital where I spent time as a child.  It all ties together, and I’m working on it for hours every day.  i can’t wait to share it with you all.



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October 21 is International Fisting Day!

I was asked to design a logo for Fisting Day 2013, and decided to make some products available – you can order cards, prints, posters, t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers here!  Fisting Day is a sex-positive, feminist, porn-positive, and personal global holiday celebrating and debunking stereotypes of fisting, a sex act that involves the entire hand.  click here for more info.


intnl fisting day color3

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Invincible Summer Update!

thank you everyone for your support of me and Lisa Ganser’s Queer Romance Come to Life.  just hours away now from our deadline, we are still looking for donations to help us reach our goal.  can you donate $25?  or $11?  or $500? (check the perks, it’s worth it).  we need a couple fairy god mothers to push us over the edge.  thank you everyone for your support.

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Invincible Summer: A Queer Romance Come to Life



i have met my match.  her name is Lisa Ganser and she is perfect for me, we are in L O V E.  only problem is she lives in minneapolis and i live in san francisco.   and we are gonna change that.  so we have launched this campaign to raise money so she can move here and we can be together.

from our pitch:  “We are Lisa Ganser (Minneapolis, MN) and Nomy Lamm (San Francisco, CA), and we have fallen bravely, sweetly, expansively into a love that has quickly turned both of our lives around and saturated us with possibility.  Much of it played out publicly on Facebook (there are good things that happen with social media).  If you believe for even half a second that those sappy songs, those sonnets, those movies, those cheesy musicals have any truth in them…  Well enable us.  Enable what we are in, this romantic comedy that is our life.  Love is not just for the most privileged amongst us!  You don’t have to be rich and straight and skinny and able bodied to be the main character.  You don’t have to wait until you are able to get married.  You can be a radical queer fat activist crazy person on disability, someone who would always rather give to your community than ask for help, and you can say:  We want to be together, and we need support to make this happen.  Please open up your heart, your pocket, your coin purse, your fanny pack for us, to help make this dream a reality.”

perks include making a wish for you, liking all your posts on facebook, telling our friends we think you’re cute, setting you up on a date, and calling out YOUR name during sex ;)

click here to read our story and make a donation: INVINCIBLE SUMMER

thank you.  as Lisa says, ‘it takes a village to raise a village.’

here’s a love POW back at ya! XO love nomy………

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