don’t be shy

seventies inspiration for 2012.  when yusuf islam aka cat stevens played this song he said, if good people don’t raise their voices then fear and cruelty will always dominate the world.  let’s do it people yeah!!!

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Support Sins-the-Film!

hello friends, fans & family… please consider making a donation to Sins Invalid to help us finish our documentary. every little bit helps.


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“What makes Sins Invalid so powerful is that it thoroughly succeeds artistically and erotically, separate from the impact of its political message. Sins Invalid challenges its audience to think about sexuality, beauty, and disability in new and expanded ways. But Sins Invalid is also, quite simply, a hot, arousing, sexually charged evening of thought-provoking, imaginative sexual entertainment that only happens to be entirely by and about people with disabilities.”

- David Steinberg, SFGate

“Sins Invalid’s work is a vibrant necessity in this age of bland complacency. The art that is presented brings the intersectionality of race, gender, class, and ability and throws it in your face, forcing the viewer to come to terms with how these realities are not so different and yet so different for those with disabilities. And this is beautifully done with the erotic and the body.”

- Phem Magazine

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little voice/dead giveaway in philly

a tiny taste of tour! DavEnd, nomy lamm & THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Erin Daly in Philadelphia

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New Road Home Tour!

The “NEW ROAD HOME TOUR 2011″ is the culmination of ongoing collaborations between DavEnd, Nomy Lamm, Erin Daly and Melodie Younce, exploring new possibilities for the embodiment of dreams. This performance includes multi-part harmonies, multi-media displays of affection, badass costumery, storytelling, accordion, bass, guitar, violin, live looping, improvisation, audience participation, and good ole fashion queer magic. Weavi…ng each artists’ music into a cohesive vision, this show will remix notions of gender, sexuality, dis/ability, community and family, while tenderly, ferociously touching into themes of forgiveness, hope, and empowerment in these supposed “end times.” Everyone is implicated.

Friday, July 22nd- San Francisco
@ Chez Poulet (3359 Caesar Chavez)
doors at 7:30, show at 8

Thursday, July 28th- Denver
@ 27 social center (2727 w 27th ave)

Saturday, July 30th- Lawrence
@ The Side Yard (11th and Tenn)

Tuesday, August 2nd- Chicago (826CHI)
826CHI @ The Boring Store (1331 N. Milwaukee Ave)

Friday, August 5th- Portland, ME
@ Lucid Stage (29 Baxter Blvd)

Tuesday, August 9th- Boston, MA
@ The Aviary Gallery (48 South Street)
w/ Molly Allis and the Light Warrior Orchestra

Wednesday August 10th- Brooklyn, NY
Re/Dress NYC (109 Boerem Place)
Doors @ 8, Show @ 8:30, $7-10 Sliding Scale
w/ Glenn Marla and the World Famous *BOB*

Friday, August 12th- Philadelphia
@ The Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street)
Doors @ 8

Sunday, August 14th- Pittsburgh, PA
Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (5006 Penn Avenue)
7 pm, openers tba

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antidotes to end times.

hey, today is the rapture!  let’s keep being here, having fun and taking it seriously.  ok.  here’s one of my antidotes to end-times mentality.  what are yours?

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we will be invincible! may 8.

sunday may 8.


with nomy lamm & THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD

annah anti-palindrome

conspiracy of venus

@ The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2868 Mission St., San Francisco


door at 7.  show at 7:30.

hello dear friend.  my other dear friend, the mystical jewish rapper
eprhyme, is bringing his humble hip hop sideshow to town to celebrate the release of his new record, dopestylevsky.   joined by horsewhisperer annah anti-palindrome, underwater sea creature choir conspiracy of venus, and me, myself, nomy lamm, and you – THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  you think i’m kidding?  i need you to be there because there is a rumor that the whole wide world will be collaborating with me on a cover of pat benatar’s “invincible.” (all of those links are videos, and if you watch the one for “invincible” – which i recorded myself playing for the second time ever today – you can see my bear head peaking out over the giant accordion – then you can practice with me and be ready for our big show on may 8th.)

…more info…

facebook event

The kabbalists say that the great work

is to align your thoughts with Will, and your feelings with Love.

You integrate it all in the body, and the way you can do that, is with music.

Eprhyme (pronounced E-prime) is a Renaissance Rapper, representing a profound resurgence of depth and dope within an all too often formulaic, uninspired and commercialized art form. Whether rhyming about Current Events, Altered States of Consciousness, or Cutting-edge Kabbalistic Commentary, Eprhyme’s “rapid-fire word salads are a humanist vision of spirituality fused with social engagement.” (The Forward). Eprhyme is celebrating the release of his new album, ‘Dopestylevsky’, being released on legendary Northwest indie label K Records. ‘Dopestylevsky’ will be the first rap album released on K Records in over a decade! This is bold new music that is both thought provoking and body rocking.

Annah Anti-Palindrome- is an Optical Sound-Smith, and queer/femme antagonist from Oakland, CA. Annah performs using a variety of different mediums including a Line 6 (DL4) looping system, kitchen utensils, gas-masks, raw eggs, blood pressure cuffs, found objects, her body (mostly her throat), and more!

Conspiracy of Venus is a women’s community a capella group based in San Francisco. CoV sings original arrangements of contemporary music. Under the artistic direction of Joyce Todd McBride, the 40 women of CoV interpret her daring and inventive arrangements of songs ranging from the classic (Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi) to the cutting edge (Bjork’s Possibly Maybe) with dazzling technical verve and tons of personality. the groups repertoire also includes works by Bill Withers, Rufus Wainwright, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Wherever the group performs, Conspiracy of Venus is hailed by audiences as a groundbreaking musical experience.

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Sins Invalid’s Annual Show – April 8, 9, 10


this is the third annual Sins Invalid show that i’ve had the honor of performing in (you can see videos from previous shows here).  this year i’m doing a piece called “God Wrestling” with alex cafarelli, and a beautiful underwater singing mermaid fantasy piece called “Belly Up.”  i don’t really know how to tell you how much this show means to me, what it could mean to you, what it does mean to this culture.  these connections – disability, sexuality, social justice and embodiment – have been happening so deep underground in the individual consciousnesses of so many people, in such extreme isolation for so many hundreds of years, and it is the magic of this moment that allows us to bring this beauty and pain and passion and possibility to light, to weave together these stories across barriers of time and geography… i recommend that you get your tickets ahead of time, and bring your whole heart, ready to get shattered and remade in the image of deep transformative justice, liberation, beauty and sensual experience…

buy tickets here

for more info:

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February *Singing As Social Justice* workshops

i’m teaching these two Singing as Social Justice workshops in February, for people who want to use singing/voice as a tool for empowerment and collective liberation.  here is a link to an article i wrote about singing as social justice, if you want more info about where i’m coming from:  polyphonic feminism: Singing As Social Justice

both workshops have limited space, so please email to enroll in one or both of them.  if you are interested in applying for one of the $30 scholarships for the second workshop, please include a little bit of info about your situation, and why you want to take the workshop.  i hope to sing with you soon…

Singing As Social Justice! A Voice workshop with Nomy Lamm
Sunday, February 20 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Location Million Fishes Gallery

2501 Bryant Street

More Info Sunday, Feb 20th 2-4pm
Voice Workshop with Nomy Lamm
@ Million Fishes Gallery (2501 Bryant street)
$20-30 sliding scale

Because of the capacity of the space, and the confines of the workshop, we are going to keep the size of the workshop to about 20-25 people. if you are planning on coming, please send a short rsvp message to Dave End on FB.

The voice is a powerful tool in defending ourselves, voicing our truths, and sharing our essence of being with the world. In this 2 hour group workshop we will create a non-judgmental space to explore our voices in authentic ways. With a series of breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups and improvisations, we will learn to be more grounded in our bodies, self-aware, brave, flexible and connected to our surroundings. We will explore how these qualities can help us deal with our own oppression, and help us to be good allies to each other. Open to all styles and abilities. $20-30 sliding scale, for more info see


Singing as Social Justice 2: Holding it Down in Community w/ Nomy Lamm
Sunday, February 27 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Location Million Fishes

2501 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA

More Info Singing As Social Justice 2: Holding it Down in Community
Sunday, Feb 27th 2-5pm
@ Million Fishes Gallery (2501 Bryant street)
$50, with 2 $30 scholarships

This Workshop is limited to 10 Participants, Please RSVP by sending message to Dave End via facebook or by email and please specify which workshop you are hoping to attend (there are two, this one would be “SASJ 2″)

A continuation of the “singing as social justice,” workshop, this three hour class will focus on group improvisation, collaborative leadership, and exploring the range of possibilities of each voice.

this workshop is for people who:
-enjoy singing and/or think of themselves as singers
-have decent pitch (can match a note)
-have some ability to hold their own in relation to other voices
-want to use their voice as a tool for empowerment and collective liberation

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“Resident Alien” – the Sins Invalid Artists In Residence show!!!

I have been working on this show with these artists since last spring, and we have put together a really amazing collaborative theater piece exploring deep subjects around “imagination, hospitalization, our bodies, and the land we live on.”  Come see what we’ve created.

ASL Interpretation will be provided on Saturday, January 29.  Tell your deaf friends!!!

Also – we are still fundraising for the show, and we can really use anything you can offer.  Programs like this, offering significant development opportunities to queer and of color artists with disabilities, are not exactly abundant in the world.  And the world needs our voices, our visions, our beauty and perspectives!  So if you can afford to support these emerging artists with disabilities, please go HERE, select “Sins Invalid” from the list of options, and write “AIR Program” in the memo.  Thank you!!!

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