hear me sing.


!!! ganser:lamm



Miracle from “effigy,” 2002.  with nora danielson on violin.

Do the Job recorded in santa fe in 2005 by a boy named elliot.

Not A Girl from “effigy,” 2002.  with sara muscleman on backup vocals.

Desdemona from “anthem,” 1999.  with anna oxygen.

Belly Up recorded in my apartment in the tenderloin in 2007

Equanimous Still recorded at my mom’s in 2006

Lost Control tricrotic, with marcus rogers on mandolin & percussion, erin daly violin & vocals.  2005

Big Huge World tricrotic, w/ marcus and erin.  lyrics by naima lowe.  2005


YouTube DirektThe Flood – recorded at the Big Gay Cabaret

YouTube DirektNew Orleans   – recorded at the Big Gay Cabaret

YouTube DirektA New Road Home – recorded at my old apartment in the tenderloin

YouTube DirektWall of Fire – from Sins Invalid 2008

YouTube DirektNobody Knows What We’ve Been Through – from Sins Invalid 2008

YouTube DirektBird Song – from Sins Invalid 2009

YouTube DirektOpening Song – The Transfused


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