Thanks Beth Ditto <3


Beth Ditto has a new clothing line and solo music project, and she shouted me out in a recent article on Pitchfork (excerpted below).  Thanks Beth for continuing to bring your gifts to the world.

“Of all her bold style moments, Beth Ditto’s most iconic look epitomizes “less is more”—as in, less clothing. About a decade ago, when her band Gossip was making the best music of their 17-year existence (Ditto informs us she quit Gossip, they’re broken up, and she’s gone solo), it was not uncommon for Ditto to go shirtless, pantsless, or both during their raw and rowdy shows. I am certain the image of her half undressed will remain clear in my mind forever, captioned by this takeaway: There is no wrong way to have a body.

The subversive delight of seeing unapologetic fatness in the spotlight was not lost on those of us who looked like Ditto. Her own version of that moment centered around badasses like punk singer/activist Nomy Lamm and Missy Elliott, whose trash-bag onesie from “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” video made a huge impression on Ditto for its embrace of what would later become her motto: fuck “flattering.” This mentality—coupled with her strong sense of personal style and her penchant for speaking out on body acceptance—has made Ditto an increasingly important figure in the plus-size fashion game over the years. The culmination of that arrived this week, as Ditto launched her first independent plus-size collection, available via her site. Produced in Manhattan, the self-titled line is both a nod to Ditto’s DIY roots and a reaction to her frustrating experience with British retailer Evans, with whom she collaborated on capsule collections.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

I was also fascinated to hear Beth and Nicole Georges talk about me in this Sagittarius Matters podcast episode.  Thanks for the shoutouts, Beth! <3

Edited: March 12th, 2016

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