new songs for the new year! ‘stars out’ by ganser/lamm

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lisa and i spent the month of december at hypatia-in-the-woods, an artist residency outside shelton, washington.   while we were there we wrote and recorded five songs, now available here for streaming or download (name your own price).

the five songs are presented on the album in the order that they were written and recorded.  we used different processes for writing each song – ‘stars out’ had been in the works in lisa’s mind for a couple months before the residency, after attending the wrongful death trial of asa sullivan in september. ‘whistles and bells’ was a concept lisa had been thinking about for years, and we borrowed a bunch of literal whistles and bells from my mom and my dear friend and musical collaborator erin daly (of tricrotic and ((double hug))) to bring it to fruition.  ‘like roots like fruit’ is a love song that we wrote and recorded within a couple hours, as a fun exercise and chanukah gift to each other.  lisa and i wrote lyrics for each other to sing on ‘the strong one,’ which is a cool trust exercise.  ‘she’s on our side’ is a sex song about the moon that we wrote and recorded within about an hour, literally as it was turning midnight on new years.  the songs were all recorded using accordion, loop pedal, glockenspiel and melodion, accented with whistles and bells and an occasional toy tambourine or kazoo.  it was the second album that i’ve recorded in that cabin, the first was ((double hug))‘s ‘songs and spells for decolonizing bodies’ with erin two years ago.

thank you to the woods, the moon, the winter, friends and family, salamanders and bald eagles, and you.  please enjoy these songs.

‘stars out’ by ganser/lamm, released 1/1/15

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