STARS OUT, GUNS DRAWN: The Wrongful Death of Asa Sullivan

Get to know Asa Sullivan, shot by San Francisco police officers Michelle Alvis and John Keesor on 6/6/06.  Lisa and I had the opportunity to sit in on the wrongful death trial in Oakland in September, and were asked to write an article about it for the Bay View, with an intro by Mesha Irizarry.


During the trial over the wrongful death by San Francisco police of Asa Sullivan, Lisa Ganser and Nomy Lamm, friends of Asa’s mother, Kat Espinosa, made drawings of the proceedings. – Art: Lisa Ganser

During the trial over the wrongful death by San Francisco police of Asa Sullivan, Lisa Ganser and Nomy Lamm, friends of Asa’s mother, Kat Espinosa, made drawings of the proceedings. – Art: Lisa Ganser

“The day the trial started, Sept. 8, 2014, would have been Asa’s 34th birthday. What would Asa have thought, sitting in that federal courtroom in Oakland? Seeing his mom and the mother of his child forced to sit through gory photos and slanderous testimony, his brother and girlfriend kicked out of the courtroom because they were on the witness list?

What if Asa had been witness to this carefully constructed story, developed over eight years, played out during a month-long trial by a parade of SFPD officers and their changing stories, “expert witnesses” paid hundreds of dollars an hour to testify, and documents dug up from the span of Asa’s life to try to prove that his death was justified. That the police had no choice but to shoot him. That that’s what he wanted. Suicide by cop.

Asa would say this is bullshit.”

Read the article and see all the artwork here.

To support a local family who recently lost a loved one to racist police violence, please give to the fundraiser to pay for O’Shaine Evans’ funeral expenses here.


Edited: November 29th, 2014

11/15/14 – MIX HIVE

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11/13/14 – MIX HIVE

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Sins Invalid & Un(dis)sing Our Abilities at MIX NYC

SI09_Nomy_1034_©RDMIXNYClyric jiz

Sins Invalid and Un(dis)sing Our Abilities are both playing at the Mix Festival!

MIX NYC is a community of artists and organizers joined together to explore, share, and create queer experimental media through an ever-changing constellation of means. We make art for ourselves and our community, not for markets or museums. As always, at MIX 27 we are proud to present the latest in queer experimental film and previously unseen works from legendary lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other queer-identified figures in avant-garde cinema.


MIXfest is held inside a warehouse space that has been rapidly converted to the Hive. As such, accessibility is a rolling issue and Mix is committed to providing as accessible an atmosphere as possible and being transparent about the reality of the space.

The space is elevated, accessed by 4 steps or a 40 ft ramp (1:12 incline, with 2 level rest landings along the way) that has been constructed for the event. There is an outside smoking area accessed by 4 steps. Those unable to use steps will be welcome to light up next to the door or out front (SCREENING ROOM WILL BE 100% SMOKE FREE).

There are 2 all-gender, single-occupant bathrooms. The doors for these bathrooms are 30″ wide. Any chair users for whom that width is not a barrier will find ample turn-around space inside. The bathroom on the left is equipped with a grab bar.

In the screening room, there will be space for BYOC, chair parking, and plenty of seats with and without arms in a designated ‘access priority’ space closest to the door. This space is also designated as a scent and chemical free zone. There will be spaces in the front designated for ASL users.

***Regarding access for Deaf/HoH people:  While Sins Invalid will be captioned, it is most likely that the rest of the films in One Size Fits all will not be, and there will be no ASL interpreter for the intro or Q&A (clearly one size does not fit all).  However, ALL films in the Un(dis)sing Our Abilities showcase will be CAPTIONED, and ASL Interpreter Christine Quinton has just been confirmed.***

As the space is a very old warehouse with a motorcycle garage next door, there may be faint chemical odors. Volunteers will be cleaning the space with scent free cleaner prior to the event, and guests are being encouraged to not use scented products.

As always, practice self care in preparation for this event and feel free to comment or message with any specific concerns you may have!


Edited: November 2nd, 2014