515 Clues: A Kabbalistic Collabaret

A fairy tale for grown-ups, 515 Clues explores moments of trauma and transformation that spiral us into each other’s worlds.  Mythic birds on the edge of the water harken back to ancestral survival stories.  Children in a hospital grow wings to protect each other and spread messages of healing.  Queer youth write letters of advice to a teenage runaway.  Where does your magic come from?

there’s so much going on with my book, as well the performance based on the book that i’ll be producing on June 8 as part of the National Queer Arts Festival.  i received a SFAC Cultural Equity Grant that is helping me complete my manuscript by May 1.  i’m having  a hand-made leather-bound prototype created specially for the performance by Magickally Made.  i’m working with jen cross of Writing Ourselves Whole  in her ongoing Dive Deep program.  I’ll be teaching a series of workshops to youth at Our Space in Hayward, to generate letters of advice to Gladys, a character from my book.  I’ve been taking Yiddish lessons from Anna Elena Torres, and doing some research into the Shriners’ hospital where I spent time as a child.  It all ties together, and I’m working on it for hours every day.  i can’t wait to share it with you all.



Edited: February 6th, 2014