08/17/12 – Colonnade Hotel

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08/11/12 – Sonoma Coffee Cafe

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i like it

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08/05/12 – online

Edited: August 5th, 2012

Watch me in Sins Invalid Pay-per-View

Sins Invalid's Online Pay Per View Performance: August 5th~11th
  • Everywhere! Your Living Room, Library, Infoshop, Garage, Basement, Etc!
  • Sins Fam – The Pay Per View Performance is Back!!!!


    We are thrilled to announce the 2nd year of our pay-per-view webstreaming of our 2009 performances! That’s right friends, if you missed the 2009 annual performance, or if you want to see it again (and again, and again…) – watch it alone cuddled up on your couch or throw a viewing party – or both! From August 5th – 11th, you will be able to watch our 2009 performance 24 hours a day in your own home, your school, the café – wherever you can get an internet connection!

    Between August 5th – 11th, just click http://dualpowerproductions.com/sins-invalid/. Because it’s a Pay-per-View, you will be asked to pay by clicking a sliding scale donation button before you view the performance (we suggest $10, though the minimum is $2).

    Then, you will be ready to watch Sins Invalid featuring the artistic works of Aurora Levins Morales, Mat Fraser, Cara Page, Nomy Lamm, Leroy Moore, seeley quest, Maria Palacios, Antoine Hunter, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, John Benson, Todd Herman, Ralph Dickinson and Patty Berne – and you can watch with your kitties and puppies, your hot new date, a few close friends or family members, your classmates or a houseful of cool guests! It’s totally up to you!

    Now if you do want to host a viewing party and get some support from us, it’s easy! Just send us an email at <info@sinsinvalid.org> with your contact information…

    Our Sponsors
    Dual Power Productions http://dualpowerproductions.com/
    Fierce Bodies http://fiercebodies.com/

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