Sins Invalid’s Annual Show – April 8, 9, 10


this is the third annual Sins Invalid show that i’ve had the honor of performing in (you can see videos from previous shows here).  this year i’m doing a piece called “God Wrestling” with alex cafarelli, and a beautiful underwater singing mermaid fantasy piece called “Belly Up.”  i don’t really know how to tell you how much this show means to me, what it could mean to you, what it does mean to this culture.  these connections – disability, sexuality, social justice and embodiment – have been happening so deep underground in the individual consciousnesses of so many people, in such extreme isolation for so many hundreds of years, and it is the magic of this moment that allows us to bring this beauty and pain and passion and possibility to light, to weave together these stories across barriers of time and geography… i recommend that you get your tickets ahead of time, and bring your whole heart, ready to get shattered and remade in the image of deep transformative justice, liberation, beauty and sensual experience…

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Edited: March 18th, 2011