February *Singing As Social Justice* workshops

i’m teaching these two Singing as Social Justice workshops in February, for people who want to use singing/voice as a tool for empowerment and collective liberation.  here is a link to an article i wrote about singing as social justice, if you want more info about where i’m coming from:  polyphonic feminism: Singing As Social Justice

both workshops have limited space, so please email dave_end@yahoo.com to enroll in one or both of them.  if you are interested in applying for one of the $30 scholarships for the second workshop, please include a little bit of info about your situation, and why you want to take the workshop.  i hope to sing with you soon…

Singing As Social Justice! A Voice workshop with Nomy Lamm
Sunday, February 20 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Location Million Fishes Gallery

2501 Bryant Street

More Info Sunday, Feb 20th 2-4pm
Voice Workshop with Nomy Lamm
@ Million Fishes Gallery (2501 Bryant street)
$20-30 sliding scale

Because of the capacity of the space, and the confines of the workshop, we are going to keep the size of the workshop to about 20-25 people. if you are planning on coming, please send a short rsvp message to Dave End on FB.

The voice is a powerful tool in defending ourselves, voicing our truths, and sharing our essence of being with the world. In this 2 hour group workshop we will create a non-judgmental space to explore our voices in authentic ways. With a series of breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups and improvisations, we will learn to be more grounded in our bodies, self-aware, brave, flexible and connected to our surroundings. We will explore how these qualities can help us deal with our own oppression, and help us to be good allies to each other. Open to all styles and abilities. $20-30 sliding scale, for more info see http://nomylamm.com/


Singing as Social Justice 2: Holding it Down in Community w/ Nomy Lamm
Sunday, February 27 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Location Million Fishes

2501 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA

More Info Singing As Social Justice 2: Holding it Down in Community
Sunday, Feb 27th 2-5pm
@ Million Fishes Gallery (2501 Bryant street)
$50, with 2 $30 scholarships

This Workshop is limited to 10 Participants, Please RSVP by sending message to Dave End via facebook or dave_end@yahoo.com by email and please specify which workshop you are hoping to attend (there are two, this one would be “SASJ 2”)

A continuation of the “singing as social justice,” workshop, this three hour class will focus on group improvisation, collaborative leadership, and exploring the range of possibilities of each voice.

this workshop is for people who:
-enjoy singing and/or think of themselves as singers
-have decent pitch (can match a note)
-have some ability to hold their own in relation to other voices
-want to use their voice as a tool for empowerment and collective liberation

Edited: February 13th, 2011