“Resident Alien” – the Sins Invalid Artists In Residence show!!!

I have been working on this show with these artists since last spring, and we have put together a really amazing collaborative theater piece exploring deep subjects around “imagination, hospitalization, our bodies, and the land we live on.”  Come see what we’ve created.

ASL Interpretation will be provided on Saturday, January 29.  Tell your deaf friends!!!

Also – we are still fundraising for the show, and we can really use anything you can offer.  Programs like this, offering significant development opportunities to queer and of color artists with disabilities, are not exactly abundant in the world.  And the world needs our voices, our visions, our beauty and perspectives!  So if you can afford to support these emerging artists with disabilities, please go HERE, select “Sins Invalid” from the list of options, and write “AIR Program” in the memo.  Thank you!!!

Edited: December 12th, 2010