i got some really beautiful responses to the northwest shows and singing workshop.  this one is from a guy named Darin who’s in the Olympia Free Choir, he was at the workshop and then performed at the oly show with the choir:

“Nomy! You are awesome and so full of love. Thank you so much for sharing it!! I learned alot, grew as a person, and had a fabulous time in your workshop. So much in just a couple of hours…

You are on the bleeding edge with this vanguard attempt to engender individual expression in a group context, which typically demands conformity. It became mischievously exciting to hear and feel all the unique expression around me and to carry on doing my own thing as well.

At times I could reach out and collaborate with another. Whether they were aware of the collective creation or not, I was, and I felt connected. No burden was imposed on the person to continue the connection. Epiphanous moments came and went, like waves washing away the footprints of a journey so new ones could be made.

I feel priveleged to have shared the space with each of you and to have felt you as unique and wonderous beings finding your voices, collectively working together for our utopian tones to collide.

love, darin”

and then i received this amazing message from a girl named Renee Dunn in portland.  she is also a beautiful singer…

“Subject:  you helped heal a piece of me…

thursday night at Disjecta. I had no idea who you were until Wed night when a friend of mine, knowing Im going through a really painful time, insisted I come out of the house and see your show. I am eternally grateful to him for ever more.
I saw myself in you. I saw the me that I will be when I finish working out my shit and claim my power to the bone and back out again. I am told that I touch hearts with my voice and now I know what they mean, you touched my very heart. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for not crumbling. Thank you for not apologizing. Thank you for daring the world to tell you that you arent beautiful. Thank you for lending me a little of you….I think I will be okay.

With all the sincerity and gratitude in me,

thank you so much to everyone who feels where i’m coming from and has a space for it.  i really appreciate it.  much love.  xoxnomy

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08/12/10 – ?

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portland show! starts at 8:30 sharp!

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08/05/10 – The Northern

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08/05/10 – The Northern

Edited: August 5th, 2010